Important Dates:

Application period: March 1—April 1, 2020

Acceptance notification: April 10, 2020

First deliverables due: July 10, 2020

This seminar is designed as a broad survey of major and foundational topics in the field of social entrepreneurship (SE). Its objectives are three-fold:

  1. To familiarize you with some of the core concepts and primary theoretical underpinnings of the social entrepreneurship field

  2. To help you gain a stronger understanding of, and think critically about, the SE domain, including its research requirements and methods for publishing scholarly research

  3. To provide a forum where you can further develop the writing skills you will need as a social entrepreneurship scholar

Class sessions will be devoted to reviewing and critiquing readings associated with major topics in the field including an overview of social entrepreneurship and the ongoing debate about SE definitions, and key concepts related to social entrepreneurship including social value creation, SE at different levels of analysis, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, hybrid organizing, social impact measurement, and alternative theoretical lenses through which to view SE research.

To learn more, including application instructions and course details, please contact us.